French Drain Requirements

French drains that pollute the ground water is a major health crisis.

Is there any French Drain Requirements?

  • Yes there is.
  • French drains must comply with legal requirements.
  • The Water Services Act 108 of 1997 makes provisions for the correct application of french drains.
  • This act is quite a lengthy piece of legislation.

Why is French drains design important?

  • When a house is been built on a smallholding and the building inspector do the inspections.
  • One of the inspections would involve the french drain.
  • I can assure you that if your french drain does not comply with the standards that are been set.
  • The building inspector will not sign the building project off.
  • They are very strict about the french drains.

The french drain design.

  • The french drain is most of the time three rooms where the water flows in.
  • The first room is the biggest of the three.
  • The second and third room is the same size.
  • The inflow to every room is designed to prevent solids that may be in the water from flowing to the next room.
  • The last room is the where the solids and most of the material is been removed from the water.

The walls of the French drain.

  • The outer wall is a double layer of bricks.
  • The inside wall between the rooms is a single brick wall.
  • The inside of the rooms must be plastered.
  • The wall surfaces must be smooth.
  • That is to prevent the water from flowing through cracks into the groundwater.

Cleaning of the french drain water from the last room.

  • It is a good practice to clean the water that flow from the last room.
  • The way it is been done is by pumping it into tank.
  • Air is then pump into the bottom of the tank.
  • The air that moves upwards provide oxygen for the bacteria that is responsible to breakdown the material that could be present in the water.
  • The last stage is a small tank that has a chlorine tablet in it.
  • The chlorine does the final cleaning. The water can be used for gardening.
  • There would be no smell present in the water.

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